Sky Ceiling Light Flower 240x120cm 320W

AUXOSKY Flower LED Sky Ceiling Light

  • Size:2.4×1.2 meters(8pieces 60x60cm)
  • Thickness:10mm
  • Light Source: Super Energy Saving LED Lighting
  • Power: 320W
  • Delivery: 7-15 working days
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Installation: Recessed/Surface Mounted


Does your project need to be customized? do not worry, we have an experienced sales team will help you.

Here are some customized items we can offer:

1. Image Customized.

You can tell us the picture you prefer, we will recommend at least 10 pieces of a similar picture let you choose if you allow us or you can send your favorite pictures to us directly.

2. Size Customized

Except for Standard Size, we also do 62x62cm, 2ft’ x2ft’, 120x60cm,  single 120x120cm, 120x90cm, our size welcome to contact our sales.

3. Power Customized

We can do high power sky ceiling lamp per as your request, single 60x60cm module we can do 48W maximum

4. Design Customized

On the website, we only showed some popular designs, if your ceiling is quite different from above, welcome contact us to customize your own sky ceiling light.

5. Shape Customized

Except for the square and rectangle, we also can customize honeycomb, Round, and triangle. Any shape you prefer, kindly please contact our sales.


Package Info.: Standard 1pcs/Carton.

Package Material: Super Hard 5 layers of corrugated case, Can withstand the transportation environment of the international express.


Electrical Connection

Every product has a separate driver pack with sky panel light together, 220VAC directly connects to the lamp.

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