Design: 2*2

Locate: A Dentist Clinic, Dubai

Lamp Size:2.4*2.4meters

Design: 2*7

Locate: Office Building, Germany

Lamp Size: 4.2*2.4meters

Design: 2*3

Locate: First Floor, Germany

Lamp Size:2.4*3.6meters

Design: 2*3

Locate: Hair Salon, France

Lamp Size: 1.2*1.8meters

Design: 2*3

Locate: Resturant, USA

Lamp Size:1.2*1.8meters

Design: 4*9

Locate: SPA Center, Spain

Lamp Size: 2.4*5.4meters

Design: L Shape

Locate: Hospital, Malaysia

Lamp Size:3.6*7.2meters

Design:L Shape

Locate: Office, Slovakia

Lamp Size: 1*1

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