For a long time, blue has brought people a feeling of calm and relaxation. The clear blue sky and white clouds will make people feel happy and comfortable both physically and mentally. Therefore, people’s lives need to establish a direct or indirect connection with the blue sky.

In 2011, we noticed that most of the LED flat-panel lighting on the market is white light, and long-term use of single static lighting can easily give people a negative hint of darkness and depression. Especially in our lives, such as hospital wards, subway stations, office spaces, etc., there are some closed and insufficient lighting places. Although ordinary lighting can make up for the lack of light, the effect is monotonous and rigid. In such a space, it is easy to produce a sense of depression, which seriously affects the mood of the direct user of the light.

On this basis, we have added sky panel lights to our products. The LED sky panel light is soft and comfortable, and will not cause glare to human eyes. It can provide imitating natural light illumination. It can be widely used in closed places such as submarines, large passenger planes, offices, hospitals, etc., to give people the feeling of being outdoors and reduce the adverse effects of closed spaces on people. In your shop, custom patterned ceilings can promote your latest products or other value-added services. Medical and dental clinics may increase visual disturbances, add a little lively element to the monotonous room, make the patient less anxious and nervous, and relieve the patient’s mood. In the learning environment, maps, letters or celebrity quotes all make learning more interesting. In places of leisure and entertainment, relaxed and exotic patterns will be more suitable for the scene, just like on vacation. Different use scenes use different styles of patterns, which will make the use place more gentle and nice.

Our original intention of making sky panel lights is to change the way you look at the ceiling. The lifeless monotonous space suddenly becomes infinite vitality, making everyone who sees it happy. This is our original intention of making sky panel lights.

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